What is the Green Beret Challenge?

“From first light to 11pm” The Green Beret Challenge is a competition for teams of six Scouts.
To achieve the Green Beret Challenge, teams compete in four elements: Orienteering, an Assault Course, Challenge Incidents (Daytime) and a Night Exercise.

The Challenge will test a group of Scouts through a range of physical and intellectual activities. It also proves to be a significant challenge to Leadership and teamwork skills. IT’S TOUGH !! However, you can survive, provided you are prepared for the weather. The Challenge is held in November, cold and wet weather is normal for the time of the year, this only adds to the Challenge of Green Beret.


When and Where?

Fri 18th - Sun 20th November 2022
Tolmers Activity Centre, Tolmers Road, Cuffley, Herts, EN6 4JS

How Much?

Scouts - £95 per team (Max of 6)
Leaders - £15



  • Arrive and set up on Friday evening.

  • All activities are carried out on the Saturday.

  • Presentations are made on the Sunday morning.


How to register

Bookings will open on 1st September 2022

Registration not yet open

Please find a copy of the event risk assessment below. If you have any questions when writing your risk assessment for the day please contact the event organiser via email on



It is time again to organise the challenge bases for the Green Beret Day and Night Challenge Exercises. Last time we ran the event there were just under 100 bases that opened at various times throughout the day and evening for which I am very grateful to all concerned for your support, and it would be excellent if we could get the total back over the 100 again this year. The number of bases has a direct effect on how the competition is viewed by the Scouts. With queuing almost eliminated, they can potentially do more activities, which in turn keeps the team members warmer and they are more likely to continue with the challenge into the night. The number of teams taking part is still expected to be around the 150 level, which I am sure, is a direct result of the number and quality of the bases provided.


We would also like to take this opportunity to remind all D.C.’s that all Districts that submit teams to participate in the event, should be providing at least one base. Many already do this, but we are heavily reliant upon the goodwill of a few who provide many bases, to cover for those who do not provide any. Teams are only eligible to enter the Competition if their District provides at least one base for both the Day and Night sessions.


For reasons of Health and Safety there should be no water bases open in the evening (i.e., bases where participants will get wet).  Ideally bases should take between 20 and 30 minutes each to complete and should be able to cope with up to 5 patrols at a time, although if that is not possible 1 at a time is acceptable.  Any equipment required on your base must be provided by yourselves, the Scouts no longer carry any kit.


Staff on your base can be from any section in Scouting from Beaver Leaders to Fellowship Members and we will again welcome Explorer Scouts to attend and provide bases. There will be an Explorer Sub-camp, and all Explorers and Leaders who provide bases will receive our Green Beret badge for 2022. There will also be no camp fees for Explorer’s and Leaders who attend just to provide bases.

You may keep the same base open for both the daytime challenge incidents (08.30 – 17.00) and the Night Exercise (19.30 – 23.00) provided it does not involve water in the evening as previously mentioned.  All bases should be marked consistently throughout, and guidelines will be provided for the marking in order that we can avoid large numbers of teams all achieving maximum points. Each task should be physically, spiritually, or intellectually challenging.


This year the event is being held at Tolmers, and vehicular access to the bases area can be arranged for those who bring larger volumes of kit or vehicles as part of their activity. We want the Challenge to be just as tough as last time, so please do not make things too easy for the participants.


It would be helpful if you can complete the form below, indicating how many bases you can provide and the subject of the base, but if you just turn up on the day that is also fine.


If you have any questions, please contact Peter Makewell on 07931 543185 or


Thank you for your support                                                                                


Green Beret Organising Team